The Best Choice of the Engraved Buck Knives


Buck knives are extremely popular, especially as Christmas gifts. Hunters, collectors, and other outdoorsmen love America’s most famous knives. Even ladies love to receive a useful pocket knife or multi-tool as a present.

Companies often like to show their logos on engraved Buck knives, and give them to their clients and employees. Here is the Best Choice for 2016:

870-BK Buck® Black “Bones” Pocket Knife 870-BK

This tactical look, and the black color make it the most popular in 2016. These are often ordered by construction companies, manufacturers, builders, and electrical contractors.

Gifts for 2016
Buck Knives as Gifts for 2016

And for the runners-up this year:

870-S Buck® Silver “Bones” Pocket Knife 870-S

The sibling of the winner. It has everything but the black color.

285MW Buck Bantam BLW Muddy Water Camo Lockback 285MW

This camouflage knife is a full 4 3/8″ closed. The customer’s logo would be laser engraved on the stainless steel blade.


Buck Squire Lockback Knife 501 Buck Squire Lockback Knife 501

The Squire is not a new knife this year, but it is popular because of it’s medium size. It is similar to the “flagship” of Buck, the 110 Folding Hunter Knife, only a little smaller. Made in the USA.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Buck Knives

Someone Say Buck?
Someone Say Buck?

If you are fortunate enough and skillful enough to bag a buck this season, then you will have some big problems.

  • Field dressing it.
  • Getting it out of the woods to your vehicle.
  • Check your filled-out permit either by phone or in person with a game agent, according to the laws of your state.
  • Have your deer processed, or do it yourself.

Buck knives can help you along the way. Our Buck knives are laser engraved by Compass, an expert at applying your logo to the best knives in the world. The Buck 110 Folding Hunter Lockback knife makes your job easier because it folds and fits easily into your pocket or the leather sheath that it comes with. For over 50 years, the Buck 110 has been the cornerstone of hunting knives. When someone mentions a Buck knife, this the one they are referring to 95% of the time.


110 Buck Folding Hunter Lockback
110 Buck Folding Hunter Lockback




Why Did The Buck Cross The Road?
Why Did The Buck Cross The Road?

Why did the Buck cross the road? Because he heard about you, your guns, and your buck knives.