Here Is the American-Made Bread Knife You Need To Slice Today’s Pastry of Honor

Bread Knife for National Croissant Day
Bread Knife for National Croissant Day

As you enjoy your warm, flaky, buttery croissant with your coffee this morning, are you aware of how long this delicious pastry has been around? The kipferl, or crescent-shaped bread, originated in 13th century Austria, and then spread to France. By the mid-1800s, the French developed their own version of this tasty bread, and dubbed it the croissant.

Making croissants from scratch requires dedication, patience, and high-quality ingredients. The process of making the dough is called “lamination,” which consists of making a yeast-leavened dough and layering it with butter. The dough is then rolled and folded many times in order to create alternating layers of dough and butter. Once the croissant dough is rolled into its crescent shape and placed in the oven, all the layers of butter release steam as they melt into the dough, creating the lovely airy center and crunchy exterior that we all know and love.

Today on National Croissant Day, treat your employees and customers to a platter of croissants from your local bakery. Don’t forget to grab your American-made bread knife to cut them up for sharing!

American-made Cutlery Bread Knife
American-made Cutlery Bread Knife

Enjoy Your Cheat Day With This American-Made Pie Server

Pie Server for National Chocolate Cake Day
Pie Server for National Chocolate Cake Day

For those of you out there who need a cheat day after a long month of dieting, today is the day! Today is National Chocolate Cake Day, a day of decadent indulgence. But what if you still want to make it healthy? Here are some good options:

  • Increase the protein & fiber: substitute regular flour for almond flour
  • Decrease the sugar: cut the sugar in the recipe by half, or use a sugar substitute
  • Top it with fresh fruit

Don’t forget to grab your cake or pie server and enjoy your cheat day with your employees and customers, without feeling guilty- you deserve it!

American-made Pie Server
American-made Cutlery Pie Server

The Perfect Cheese Board Needs This Perfect Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife for National Cheese Lovers Day
Cheese Knife for National Cheese Lovers Day

A dinner party wouldn’t be complete without a few appetizers laying around for your guests to nibble on. Your easiest bet is to put together a diverse, yummy cheese board that will not only satisfy everyone’s taste buds, but will also give you more time to socialize with your friends, instead of keeping you in the kitchen.

Stumped about what to include on your cheese board? Here are some quick tips:

  • Have a variety of soft & hard cheeses
  • Include goat’s, sheep’s, and cow’s milk cheeses
  • Lay out a few of these American-made cheese knives that you can use with any variety of cheese. No one will wonder “which cheese knife do I use for which cheese?”
  • Arrange slices of a yummy baguette on the side
  • Add a few more accoutrements such as fresh or dried fruits, quince paste, nuts, cured meats, olives, etc.


Cheese Knife
Cheese Knife

The American-Made Pizza Cutter You Need To Use For Pizza Week

Pizza Cutter for Pizza Week
Pizza Cutter for National Pizza Week

Pizza used to be pretty basic, but not these days. It can be quite a versatile dish. From gluten-free crusts, to cauliflower crusts and plant-based meats and cheeses, the possibilities are endless for people who follow even the strictest of diets. So this week, during National Pizza Week, it’s time to celebrate this wonderful pie.

But what if you don’t want to make it all from scratch? What if your local pizza joint just doesn’t make it exactly like you want? Then turn to your freezer and pull out your favorite ready-made pizza and glam it up with extra toppings- fresh tomatoes, olive oil, extra cheese, whatever you can find!

Artisan toppings can turn that boring frozen pizza into something way more delicious and enjoyable than just a plain ol’ slice of cheese pizza.

After you patiently wait for it to bake, grab your American-made pizza cutter and you’ll easily be able to feed all of your family and friends. That is, if there’s any leftover once you’re done with it!

American-made Pizza Cutter
American-made Pizza Cutter


Does American Made Cutlery Have What It Takes to Bring Families Back Together?

American Made Cutlery For National Sunday Supper Day
American Made Cutlery For National Sunday Supper Day

How often are you able to corral your entire family together for dinner? Just one or two days a week? Everyday? It’s not a competition- do whatever is reasonable for your family to handle. Today is National Sunday Supper Day, a day that revolves around the idea to help bring families together around the dinner table. In decades past, it was a common tradition for families to gather in the kitchen, help prepare a large Sunday dinner, and then sit down to enjoy it together. Nowadays with work schedules, homework, after-school activities, and the like, it can be hard to get everyone together, no matter the size of your family. It starts with just one day a week, and can quickly become a weekly or daily tradition.

Here are some easy tips to help bring #SundaySupper back:

  • Plan the menu with your family- you’ll have something everyone will look forward to
  • Keep it simple- choose no-fuss recipes
  • Prep your meal with American Made Cutlery– it’ll speed things up so you spend more time bonding, and less time cooking

And don’t stress about it! Do what works for your family. Just cook, sit, eat, and communicate, and it will quickly set a positive vibe throughout your household.

The Best Fruit Knife For Today’s Fruit of Honor

Fruit Knives for National Apricot Day
Fruit Knives for National Apricot Day

It’s fruit trivia time! Which fruit originated in China 4,000 years ago and is a relative of the peach? Your first guess might be the nectarine, right? It is, in fact, the petite and beloved apricot- a fruit rich in vitamins A & C. It made its way slowly westward from China, through the Mediterranean, and finally over to North America, where it mainly settled in California. California produces 95% of our country’s apricots. Yum!

How do you want to enjoy an apricot today?

  • Grab your fruit knife and cut yourself a fresh slice
  • Make a yummy tart or homemade preserves
  • Have an afternoon snack of dried apricots
  • Use your fruit knife to chop some into your morning granola
  • Plant a tree
Stainless Fruit Knife
Stainless Fruit Knife