Buck Knives Make Great Gifts for Vietnam Veterans

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. What can you do to show your appreciation to those veterans who never got an enthusiastic “welcome home”?

  • If you are in a certain position, organize a luncheon with a speaker on the
    Thanks to Vietnam Veterans from Buck Knives
    Thanks to Vietnam Veterans


  • Build a memorial and hold a dedication ceremony.
  • Invite veterans to help in your program.
  • Simply thank a Vietnam veteran.
  • Order some Buck Knives engraved with “Thanks for your service” on the blade, and pass them out to all the Vietnam veterans who attend your luncheon or ceremony.

Problems With Personalized Pocket Knives (and Solutions)

Personalized Pocket Knives Sometimes Have Problems.
Personalized Pocket Knives Sometimes Have Problems.

Personalized Pocket Knives have your logo on them, so you can give them away and advertise your business at the same time. This is a great advertising idea, but here are some problems that can occur. Also the solutions and ways to prevent future problems.

  • Your knives did not arrive in time for your trade show. If the engraver promised a ship date, and failed to make it, then you deserve your money back. If however, he shipped on time, but UPS or Fedex took too long, then we are all victims of that situation. UPS currently doesn’t guarantee even a 2-day shipping method.
  • Your logo was engraved in the wrong location. You deserve your money back, or a discount on the knives. Or, the engraver can redo your order.
  • The knives are too big (or too small). The size of the knives is mentioned on the websites of all knife retailers. Next time, pay close attention to that. Sometimes the looks of a picture don’t convey the size of something.
  • The knives don’t look like the picture.  The only time this can happen is when the handle material is natural wood or natural bone. Each knife handle can vary from each other and from the picture. If there is another variation, attributed to a misleading picture, then you deserve compensation.

Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day with Engraved Gerber Knives

Happy Employees at Your Shop with Engraved Gerber Knives
Happy Employees at Your Shop

The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day.

How do bosses show their appreciation?

  • Give a cash bonus.
  • Give the employees a ham or turkey.
  • Give them a party at the shop.

    Engraved Gerber Knives Paraframe I-8444
    Gerber Paraframe I-8444
  • Give them a long-lasting tool, like engraved Gerber knives with the company logo.
  • Give them a Thank You note.
  • Being kind to them on a daily basis and praise them for jobs well done.
  • Hold a “Dress Down Friday”.
  • Display an “Employee of the Month” poster.

How do you find out what kind of appreciation your employees prefer? Ask them. Amazingly, I have found out that a $10 ham is cherished more than a $20 bonus check. This survey was done at a local shop a couple years ago. I was shocked at the response.

In any case, it pays to show your appreciation to your employees on a regular basis. It pays in productivity and longevity.

Who Says Engraved Buck Knives Can’t Be Colorful?

Engraved Buck Knives in Color
Engraved Buck Knives in Color

Buck has broken the mold of conformity, with the introduction of the Slim Select 110s series of pocket knives. Now buying engraved Buck Knives with your company logo can be a colorful experience. Many corporate logos have color in them. Now it is possible to reflect or compliment that color in the knife handle. These are made in the USA of domestic and foreign parts. They are available in Green, Tan, Grey, Orange, Red, and Black, and are a full 4 4/5″ long, closed. The blade is 3 3/4″.