The February 2022 Popularity Award Goes to USA-Made Engraved Kershaw Knives

We are proud of the Kershaw Leek Knife 1660. It was named 2002 Knife of the Year by Blade Magazine. Since then it has remained a top seller to companies that love Engraved Kershaw Knives. It’s a rather large pocket knife, a full 4″ closed. The feature that I like most, is the patented “Speedsafe Assisted-Opening System”. It also comes in a genuine Kershaw one-piece gift box.

Engraved Kershaw Knives, Leek Knife 1660

Celebrate National Engineers Week with Engraved Leatherman Tools

National Engineers Week and Engraved Leatherman Tools
National Engineers Week

The full week surrounding George Washington’s birthday is National Engineers Week. The National Society of Professional Engineers created that week in 1951. They want to draw attention to the importance of engineers in our society.

How to observe this coming special week:

  1. Take an engineer to lunch.
  2. Post a picture on your social media showing an engineering marvel. It can be a bridge, kitchen gadget, tool, or a building or vehicle.
  3. Invite a local engineer to speak at a meeting of your chamber of commerce.
  4. Give all your engineer friends some engraved Leatherman tools. They will appreciate them.

Leatherman LM50
Leatherman LM50




The Anatomy of Great Engraved Kershaw Knives

What makes a great pocket knife? First of all, the brand makes a difference. Kershaw knives are top quality. Here is a list of the anatomy of “Great Engraved Kershaw Knives“.

Engraved Kershaw Knives-- Chive 1600
Kershaw Chive 1600

  • Stainless steel. Kershaw uses the best grade of 420hc steel, so that the blade arrives sharp, and stays sharp for a long time. Then you can bring it back to that factory edge easily.
  • Packaging. The way a gift if presented is as important as the gift itself. All Kershaw knives are boxed in a genuine Kershaw box.
  • Design. They have a world renown design team.
  • Engraving. Your corporate logo will look good, permanently laser engraved on the handle or blade.
  • Price. Competition always controls the price of everything, even pocket knives.
  • Mechanism. Most of their knives come with the Speedsafe assisted-opening system. This makes the blade come out fast, with very little of your effort.
  • Locking system. The framelock design keeps your blade locked open, so it doesn’t buckle on you.