On Giving Tuesday, Consider These Logo Knives

Logo Knives Giving Tuesday
Logo Knives Giving Tuesday

It’s certainly easy to shop for those you love this holiday season: you either know exactly what they want or they give you a curated wish list. But what isn’t as easy is giving to those you do not know. Today is Giving Tuesday, so consider this:

  • Find a non-profit or charity whose cause you support
  • Order custom logo knives and donate them to your charity of choice

Happy holidays!

Buck Knives Will Make Falling Back on Sunday A Whole Lot Easier

Buck Knives for Daylight Savings
Buck Knives for Daylight Savings

What is the purpose of Daylight Savings? Some people claim it began to help make the summer harvest days longer for farmers. But nowadays that is not as necessary. While we will gain an hour of sleep this Sunday, the sun will start setting much earlier. 

Having Buck knives engraved with your company logo may (or may not) help us all deal with the shorter, darker days ahead. Either way, your customers will appreciate them and will give your company a boost!

Buck Squire Lockback with Leather Sheath
Buck Squire Lockback with Leather Sheath

Personalized Pocket Knives Aren’t Just For Anybody

That’s correct. Personalized Pocket Knives are intended for one person. Each

Personalized Pocket Knives
Personalized Pocket Knives

knife is intended for each person whose name is engraved on it. The reason for this statement is that some people want their logo on 100 knives, and they call that personalizing. It’s not really personalizing unless each knife has the name of each recipient on it.

If you want your logo engraved on 100 knives, it is more accurate to call that “engraving” or “logo-ing”.

The Secret of the Engraved Kershaw Knives With a New Look

Kershaw has developed some popular-looking knives, and continues to make

The Secret of the engraved Kershaw knives
The Secret of the engraved Kershaw knives

them. The Chive (1600) and the Leek (1660) are the best examples of that success. However, Kershaw is not just resting on their laurels. They introduced two new engraved Kershaw knives in the last several months. The Reverb (1220), the Duojet (8300) and the Tremolo (1390). All 3  have a refreshing new look to them. Simply the pictures of them lead to sales. The designers have made use of form, color, and texture in their new designs. Blades with the stone-washed look are currently very popular. That’s what the Tremolo has. The Reverb’s best selling point is its carabiner. It offers an extra way to carry it. The Duojet offers a 2-toned handle, the assisted-open feature, and the titanium carbo-nitride coating on the blade and handle. What a combination of attractive features. Enjoy examining these 3 new knives yourself….

1390---Tremolo---Default Kershaw® Tremolo 1390



1220FrontDefault Kershaw® Reverb 1220

Logo Knives Perfect for the Fall Season

These Buck knives are popular in the fall. Better yet, they are in stock right now. That’s big news, because the whole world is having supply chain issues this year (2022).

These logo knives are my top picks right now because of popularity and availability.

285RBL Buck® Bantam™ Blw Blue Lockback Knife 285RBL

Buck Realtree Xtra Camo Knife 285cm Buck® Bantam BLW Camo Lockback 285CM

Buck® Bantam BLW Orange Camo Lockback 285CM9 Buck® Bantam BLW Orange Camo Lockback 285CM9

285BK.jpg Buck® Bantam BLW Lockback 285BK