What is the Best Pocket Knife of All Time?

How to Find The Best Pocket Knife of All Time
How to Find The Best Pocket Knife of All Time

How do you choose the best pocket knife? Some of the new tactical knives have really cool designs. But, since they don’t have a history of popularity, they can’t be considered in this contest. They may be popular now, but that might be short-lived.

The winner must have a history of popularity for many years. How about 1964? If a knife style was invented in that year, like the Buck 110 Folding Hunter, would that be a long enough history? What about the 1600’s? That time frame would certainly be a long enough history. That’s 400 years, or 4 centuries. If a pocket knife style is still as popular now, as it was 400 years ago, that would make it the winner. So that’s how I came up with the winning knife. If you don’t agree, please post your comments here.

I believe the Best Pocket Knife of All Time is the Barlow Knife. Once used by George Washington, and Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

SCH278CP Schrade Jackmaster Barlow

Buck Knives Contest–The Funniest Use For a Buck Knife

Buck Knives Contest
Buck Knives Contest

Enter this contest Today.

Post the funniest use for Buck knives by the end of October, and win a Buck Knife (shipped to USA only).

Please keep it clean and appropriate for all ages.


  • Shaving in your hotel room while on vacation in a fancy resort.
  • Picking your teeth while at your best friend’s wedding reception.
  • Scratching your back in a place farther than your hand can reach.
  • Cutting your steak in a high class restaurant.