The Best Engraved Gerber Knives For March Aren’t What You’d Expect

Engraved Gerber Knives for March
Engraved Gerber Knives for March

We’re already 10 days into March, but have you given any thought to which engraved Gerber knives you will choose to give to your customers this month?
In no particular order, here are the best styles to give you a jumpstart on making your customers smile: 

Gerber Mini Paraframe
Gerber Mini Paraframe
Gerber Affinity
Gerber Affinity
Gerber EZ Out Lockback 6701
Gerber EZ Out Lockback 6701

Engraved Gerber Knives Take Longer Than Other Knives

News of August 2022:

Engraved Gerber Knives: Titanium Nitride Paraframe 8446
Gerber Titanium Nitride Paraframe 8446

Engraved Gerber knives will have you waiting a longer time for your order. The manufacturer, Gerber, must be really busy. They take longer to make and send us their blank knives, so we can engrave your logo on them. Nevertheless, Gerber has many fans around the world, and they usually don’t mind waiting for a good product.

Give Your Brothers Engraved Gerber Knives for Brothers Day

Let's Jump in Together, Bro, for Engraved Gerber Knives
Let’s Jump in Together, Bro

May 24th is Brother’s Day. It gives us another day to celebrate “brotherly love”. How can you and your brother observe this day?

  • Maybe jump into the water together.
  • Share some quality time together. Have lunch.
  • Return those tools that you borrowed 10 years ago.

    Engraved Gerber Knives, Gerber Paraframe
    Engraved Gerber Knives, Gerber Paraframe
  • If you haven’t talked for a while, this is the perfect day to get caught up on happenings.
  • Give your brothers Engraved Gerber Knives. It’s a quality gift that will last a lifetime. It’s popular all over the world.



Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day with Engraved Gerber Knives

Happy Employees at Your Shop with Engraved Gerber Knives
Happy Employees at Your Shop

The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day.

How do bosses show their appreciation?

  • Give a cash bonus.
  • Give the employees a ham or turkey.
  • Give them a party at the shop.

    Engraved Gerber Knives Paraframe I-8444
    Gerber Paraframe I-8444
  • Give them a long-lasting tool, like engraved Gerber knives with the company logo.
  • Give them a Thank You note.
  • Being kind to them on a daily basis and praise them for jobs well done.
  • Hold a “Dress Down Friday”.
  • Display an “Employee of the Month” poster.

How do you find out what kind of appreciation your employees prefer? Ask them. Amazingly, I have found out that a $10 ham is cherished more than a $20 bonus check. This survey was done at a local shop a couple years ago. I was shocked at the response.

In any case, it pays to show your appreciation to your employees on a regular basis. It pays in productivity and longevity.

How to Sharpen Engraved Gerber Knives

When new, you shouldn’t have to sharpen

Engraved Gerber Knives, Quadrant Bamboo
Gerber Quadrant Bamboo

engraved Gerber knives. But after some use, you will have to sharpen them. The best advice is “Easy does it”. The gentlest but most effective knife sharpener is the R119 by “American Made Cutlery”. It is made of two wheels of hardened steel, that are placed close enough together to provide an ideal angle of sharpening. It sharpens both sides of the blade at the same time. You want to draw the knife blade through the opening smoothly and gently, as if you were slicing something. Other sharpeners are on the market for more rugged sharpening jobs. We’ll get to them next time.

R119 Knife Sharpener
R119 Knife Sharpener







Can Engraved Gerber Knives Rebound From Covid-19?

There seems to be some lingering effects from the Covid-19 lockdown of year

Engraved Gerber Knives, Quadrant Bamboo
Gerber Quadrant Bamboo

2020. In that year, production levels of many products decreased. This was caused by the reduction in the workforce due to “social distancing”. Other effects were a reduction in the availability of raw materials. Shipping materials and finished products from China suffered as well.

Currently, the production time for engraved Gerber knives is 15 or more business days. Normally the production time used to be 10 business days. This additional 5 days may not be too important in the month of July. But, when the Christmas rush begins in October, those additional 5 days could affect the Christmas deadline. Imagine having a company Christmas party, and the gift knives haven’t arrived yet. My advice is to plan ahead, so you don’t get caught with this sort of inventory problem.

Engraved Gerber Knives
Time to Order Engraved Gerber Knives


Revealed: Discover This New Style of Engraved Gerber Knives

Gerber has introduced a totally new design of engraved Gerber knives last year.

Searching For the Best Engraved Kershaw Knives
New Engraved Gerber Knives

The Quadrant. What makes this knife stand out of the crowd?

  • The unique shape of the handle (It’s a parallelogram)
  • The new shape of the stainless steel blade (It matches the handle)
  • The optional handle material of bamboo

Gerber Quadrant White
Gerber Quadrant White

Gerber Quadrant Bamboo
Gerber Quadrant Bamboo