The Best Selling Engraved Gerber Knives This Season

Gerber is an old American knife company, and makes some models here, and

Best Seller Award for Engraved Gerber Knives
Best Seller Award for Engraved Gerber Knives

imports other models from overseas. Their knives have been popular ever since 1939. Here are this season’s best selling engraved Gerber knives:

Because of its all black color, and minimalist handle, this gem is a big hit. It was just introduced in 2019:

000752 Gerber® Instant Knife 752

The Mini Paraframe 8485 is popular because of its small size (3″ closed), light weight, and see-through handle:

Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife Gerber® Mini Paraframe Knife 8485


Are Engraved Buck Knives Warranted For Life?

Best Knife Warranty:

Buck Knives, Inc. USA has one of the best warranties in the business. They call it

Broken Buck Knife--Engraved Buck Knives
Broken Buck Knife

the Buck Forever Warranty. It is basically a lifetime warranty against defects in

material and workmanship. They will repair or replace the knife, at their option. However, if your logo engraved Buck knives are at issue, then ask Buck to repair, instead of replace. Then your logo won’t be thrown away. The same goes for any other covered Buck knife that has sentimental value. At your request, they will repair it the best they can, so that you aren’t faced with a new knife instead.

Here are the exceptions to the warranty:

Damage due to your misuse of the knife. Never use a knife as a pry bar, screw driver, or chisel or hammer.

Bonus for those who mistreated their knife:

If you happened to misuse your Buck knife, not all is lost. The factory can probably repair it for you for just a few dollars. They can even sharpen, polish, and adjust it for you for just a few dollars, too. If it is beyond repair, they offer to give you a deep discount on a new Buck pocket or hunting knife.


The Best Fruit Knife For Today’s Fruit of Honor

Fruit Knives for National Apricot Day
Fruit Knives for National Apricot Day

It’s fruit trivia time! Which fruit originated in China 4,000 years ago and is a relative of the peach? Your first guess might be the nectarine, right? It is, in fact, the petite and beloved apricot- a fruit rich in vitamins A & C. It made its way slowly westward from China, through the Mediterranean, and finally over to North America, where it mainly settled in California. California produces 95% of our country’s apricots. Yum!

How do you want to enjoy an apricot today?

  • Grab your fruit knife and cut yourself a fresh slice
  • Make a yummy tart or homemade preserves
  • Have an afternoon snack of dried apricots
  • Use your fruit knife to chop some into your morning granola
  • Plant a tree
Stainless Fruit Knife
Stainless Fruit Knife

How Can American Made Cutlery Help Your Diet Resolution?

American Made Cutlery
American Made Cutlery

As the new year commences, a common topic during this first week is how can we improve our diets in 2020? Maybe cut out processed sugars? Nix the meat and meat byproducts? Or how about just focusing on eating a more balanced diet? Sometimes it’s not about going on an actual “diet” (that label makes it sound temporary and negative)—but by just changing your mindset around food.

During Diet Resolution Week keep these things in mind:

  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle year-round, then it won’t feel like you’re on a “diet.”
  • Cook more for yourself at home- eating out can cause you to overeat or eat something you normally wouldn’t allow yourself to.
  • Plan your meals- every week plan, shop and prep when you have time.
  • Use American Made Cutlery to chop up all of those fresh fruits, veggies and meats that you found at the market
Cooking Essentials Gift Set
Cooking Essentials Gift Set
Cook's Choice Gift Set
Cook’s Choice Gift Set