The Best Fruit Knife For Today’s Fruit of Honor

Fruit Knives for National Apricot Day
Fruit Knives for National Apricot Day

It’s fruit trivia time! Which fruit originated in China 4,000 years ago and is a relative of the peach? Your first guess might be the nectarine, right? It is, in fact, the petite and beloved apricot- a fruit rich in vitamins A & C. It made its way slowly westward from China, through the Mediterranean, and finally over to North America, where it mainly settled in California. California produces 95% of our country’s apricots. Yum!

How do you want to enjoy an apricot today?

  • Grab your fruit knife and cut yourself a fresh slice
  • Make a yummy tart or homemade preserves
  • Have an afternoon snack of dried apricots
  • Use your fruit knife to chop some into your morning granola
  • Plant a tree
Stainless Fruit Knife
Stainless Fruit Knife

The Best Pocket Knife For November 2019

Kutmaster® 95-1832L Best Pocket Knife of November 2019
Kutmaster® 95-1832L Best Pocket Knife of November 2019 has selected the best pocket knife for November 2019. Due to its constant popularity, the winner is the Kutmaster® Compact Rescue Knife 95-1832L.

Here are more reasons for its success:

  • Safety on the road is of utmost importance. This rescue knife can cut seatbelts, break windows, and cut anything else that is blocking your safe exit from a perilous situation.
  • Its small compact size, allows you to keep it in your pocket.
  • Color. That’s very important to the looks of a knife. An all-black blade and handle provide this beautiful look.
  • Engravability. Your company logo can be laser engraved on the handle and both sides of the blade.
  • Blade style. The tanto-style blade attracts attention because of its smart angles.
  • Locking mechanism. The integral liner lock holds the blade open when you are using it. It won’t accidentally fold up on you.

95-1832L Kutmaster® Compact Rescue Knife 95-1832L