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Kutmaster®, Utica Knives

We are proud to add this line of custom engraved knives to our website. Kutmaster® is a division of Utica Cutlery Company. It manufactures and imports a wide variety of pocket knives. We have a few select models here. Although some models are made in China, many are still made in the USA by union craftsmen.

Utica Cutlery Company was started in 1910 in New York State, and manufactured pocket knives. They added kitchen cutlery in 1918. They made award-winning bayonets for world war II. Stainless flatware was added in 1952, and is still sold today.

In 1970 they bought Walco(TM) Stainless Division of Voos Industries. Walco(TM) is a major supplier to the hotel and restaurant industry.

Today, the 100,000 square foot factory in Utica NY manufactures and imports lockback, liner lock, and fixed blade knives, and multi-tools. It supplies the hardware, sporting goods, and promotional products industries.

Want one that you don't see here? We now carry the entire line for custom engraving. Just email or call today. We have picked the most popular items for this page.

We can personalize each item with the recipient's first name for $2.50 each. Pricing subject to change without notice.

Kutmaster Limited Lifetime Warranty of USA-made Knives

We will replace or repair a knife that is faulty due to manufacturing defects. We do not cover anything that shows it has been used incorrectly or abused.

Why Are Pocket Knives So Popular?

Logo-Knives has considerable success selling pocket knives. We have often asked ourselves, "What makes pocket knives so irresistible?" Without doing a survey or scientific study, we came up with these ideas to help answer the question.

1. They are made of high quality steel, which is a valuable commodity.

2. They are mechanical, which intrigues people.

3. They are a small tool that can do a big job, with little effort.

4. They harbor the essence of "power",

5. They have many unique shapes, sizes, and colors, that make them collectable.

6. They are useful.

7. They are beautiful, because of the sheen and color of the steel, and the smoothness and looks of the handle material.

8. They are long-lasting, and are passed down from generation to generation.

9. They may hold a history, like the Barlows that George Washington kept ordering from time to time.

10. They can immortalize your company logo, engraved on the blade or handle.

11. They are small enough to store all the previous 10 qualities in your pocket.

There are many buyers of logo pocket knives. Builders, contractors, electricians, manufacturers, seed and grain companies, agricultural supply companies, pet food companies, forestry businesses, hiking clubs, scouting clubs, concrete supplers, lumber yards, HVAC suppliers, electrical suppliers, paint stores, and insurance companies. Pocketknives and multi-tools are used as employee safety awards, service awards, and customer appreciation.

For personal service, email, or call today.

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