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Barlow-Norwood Knives

The optional 24 Hour service is temporarily suspended as of October, 2021.

The original Barlow Company developed a fine selection of business gifts. This includes pocket knives, money clips, key tags, flash lights, tools, tape measures, and auto accessories. This page is dedicated to their pocketknives and multi-tools. Your Corporate Logo can be proudly displayed on any knife or tool in this page. Our customers come back for repeat orders, because of our quality and service. The most popular Barlow knives are the Consort and the Small Rosewood pocketknives.

You may be interested in the history of the Barlow company. In 1991, when I started this business, Barlow was a manufacturer based in Los Angeles. They were known for high quality USA-Made business gifts. They made pocket knives, tape measures, key tags, etc. Then at the turn of the century, they started farming out the production overseas, like many USA manufacturers were doing. They didn’t announce this at that time. So the “Made in USA” claim in their catalog just disappeared. Then Norwood bought them out in 2005. Norwood started to change the imprint from Barlow to Norwood on some of the products. They were then bought out by Bic Graphic. The “Barlow” name gradually faded away. I, however, kept it in my advertising, because many Google searchers were still very interested in these products. The quality hadn’t changed. Just the name stamp. Today, I am on Google’s first page for “Barlow” products. Bic was then bought by a holding company about 2018. At the beginning of January 2021, BIC Graphic is changing their name to Koozie Group. It remains to be seen how that will affect the marketing of these famous business gifts.

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