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Barlow-Norwood Knives

Barlow-Norwood, formerly the Barlow Company, makes a fine selection of business gifts. This includes pocket knives, money clips, key tags, flash lights, tools, tape measures, and auto accessories. This website is dedicated to their pocketknives and multi-tools, along with the knives of other famous manufacturers. Your Corporate Logo can be proudly displayed on any knife or tool in this website. Our customers come back for repeat orders, because of our quality and service. The most popular Barlow knives are the Hunter, Accent, and Consort knives.

New "Norwood" Stamp: If you have bought Barlow knives and multi-tools in the past, we welcome your re-order. The repeat order items may look a little different because the "BARLOW" stamp is being replaced with the "NORWOOD" stamp on the blade or tool. It's the same Barlow quality, but just a new ID stamp. Barlow was bought out by the Norwood Company in 2005. We want to develop a consistent  "brand image" across the Norwood line, and keep the same high quality that you are accustomed to. Thanks for your understanding and your loyalty.

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