All Bakers Knead This Bread Slicer


National Homemade Bread Day
National Homemade Bread Day

Baking bread from scratch sounds like a daunting task for most. Even today, on National Homemade Bread Day, the most seasoned bakers will probably admit they’d prefer not to delve into the fickle and complicated world of bread-making.

Too many questions can arise:
Am I using the right flour?
Can I knead with a mixer, or should I do it by hand?
Proof it once or twice?
Did I bake it long enough?
Or perhaps: What on earth is this person even talking about??

Who are we kidding, just save yourself a whole day in the kitchen and take the easy route- go to that aromatic bakery down the street and pick up a warm, fresh loaf that the professionals made. Sourdough, ciabatta, or brioche? Yum. Yum. Yum.
Don’t forget to slice it up for everyone with your American-made bread slicer.

Bread Slicer
Bread Slicer

Slice It Your Way with This Pizza Cutter

National Pizza with the Works Day
National Pizza with the Works Day

I think it’s safe to say that pizza is one of the most liked foods in America. No matter your preferences or dietary restrictions, there is an option for you. Dairy allergy? Hold the cheese. Celiac’s disease? Gluten-free crust. Vegetarian? Hold the pepperoni. Going Keto? Cauliflower crust.

But there’s one thing most people will agree on- Hold those anchovies! If you order a pizza with “The Works”, chances are the chef will throw a couple of those bad boys on your gooey hot pizza, and you might not notice until you bite in!

Today is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day- a day where everyone needs a solid American-made pizza cutter to slice up their pizza, no matter their choice of toppings.

American-made Pizza Cutter
American-made Pizza Cutter

The Best Pocket Knife For November 2019

Kutmaster® 95-1832L Best Pocket Knife of November 2019
Kutmaster® 95-1832L Best Pocket Knife of November 2019 has selected the best pocket knife for November 2019. Due to its constant popularity, the winner is the Kutmaster® Compact Rescue Knife 95-1832L.

Here are more reasons for its success:

  • Safety on the road is of utmost importance. This rescue knife can cut seatbelts, break windows, and cut anything else that is blocking your safe exit from a perilous situation.
  • Its small compact size, allows you to keep it in your pocket.
  • Color. That’s very important to the looks of a knife. An all-black blade and handle provide this beautiful look.
  • Engravability. Your company logo can be laser engraved on the handle and both sides of the blade.
  • Blade style. The tanto-style blade attracts attention because of its smart angles.
  • Locking mechanism. The integral liner lock holds the blade open when you are using it. It won’t accidentally fold up on you.

95-1832L Kutmaster® Compact Rescue Knife 95-1832L

American-Made Cutlery Dares All Men to Do This One Thing

Men can cook too!
Men can cook too!


A typical assumption is that the women of the family are always in the kitchen preparing the family’s meals. But WHAT IF… the MEN made the meal this time? Today is National Men Make Dinner Day, which is the perfect day for the men in our lives to practice their culinary skills.

No guys, you’re not allowed to cheat and make instant ramen, or, even sadder, just a bowl of cereal. Your family wants a little more effort than that.

So here is a little help for cooking your best meal with American-made cutlery, whether it’s a meal for one or for 20:

  1. PLAN your menu (Pick your main dish, then choose a side and dessert that complement it)
  2. SHOP for ingredients- choose fresh, quality ingredients. If you can’t find what you need, then maybe alter your menu
  3. Mise en place, or “everything in its place”. This means set-up, organize, and chop your ingredients. The American-made cutlery that you’ll need:
  4. COOK
  5. SERVE
  6. CLEAN- Let someone else clean up so you can rest!

The Best Buck Knives For Christmas Gifts

Buck Knives for Christmas
Buck Knives for Christmas

Do your employees like pocket knives? If they do, then they LOVE Buck Knives. With Christmas only 7 weeks away, your employees are wondering what you might give them this year. Will it be one of these fabulous Buck knives? Will you have your company logo laser engraved on the blade?

The Bantam BBW Camo is very popular, year round.

284CM.jpg Buck® Bantam BBW Camo 284cmo

This Buck 110 is the benchmark of all pocket knives. When someone mentions Buck, this is the knife they probably have in mind.

110b.jpg Buck Folding Hunter Lockback Knife 110

This Buck 327 is imported, but it is one of the most popular knives that Buck offers. You can’t go wrong with this

buck nobleman knife Buck Nobleman Linerlock Knife 327