Could Engraved Buck Knives Possibly Make Your Workday More Fun?

Engraved Buck Knives for National Have Fun At Work Day
Engraved Buck Knives for National Have Fun At Work Day

At last, the workweek is over, and it is Friday- the most anticipated day of the week. But today is not just any Friday, it is National Have Fun At Work Day. What will you do to spice up the end of your week?
– Plan a group lunch with your coworkers
– Schedule happy hour
– Hand out Engraved Buck Knives to your coworkers
Enjoy the weekend!

Buck Squire Lockback with Leather Sheath
Buck Squire Lockback with Leather Sheath

Buck Knives Will Make Falling Back on Sunday A Whole Lot Easier

Buck Knives for Daylight Savings
Buck Knives for Daylight Savings

What is the purpose of Daylight Savings? Some people claim it began to help make the summer harvest days longer for farmers. But nowadays that is not as necessary. While we will gain an hour of sleep this Sunday, the sun will start setting much earlier. 

Having Buck knives engraved with your company logo may (or may not) help us all deal with the shorter, darker days ahead. Either way, your customers will appreciate them and will give your company a boost!

Buck Squire Lockback with Leather Sheath
Buck Squire Lockback with Leather Sheath

The Top 5 Questions About Engraved Buck Knives

Customers ask me these top 5 questions about Buck.

  1. Are they in stock?

    110 Buck Folding Hunter Lockback
    110 Buck Folding Hunter Lockback
  2. How soon can we have them?
  3. Can you put our logo on the handle?
  4. What kind of art file do you need?
  5. When do you need paid?

Here are my best answers:

  1. Maybe. Let me check, because inventory changes every day on this popular knife brand.
  2. Production time is about 2 weeks after you approve a proof.
  3. We can laser engrave your logo on any metal part of the engraved Buck knives. If the handle is steel or aluminum, we can put your logo there.
  4. Our laser machine needs vector art. Examples are eps, ai, and sometimes pdf or png files. If you don’t have the necessary file type, we can convert your file for a small fee.
  5. New customers must pay up front. Established customers may pay by check, after approval. We also accept ACH transfers and wire transfers, and Paypal.

Use Your Buck Knives During “National Great Outdoors Month”

June is “National Great Outdoors Month” in the U.S. It was started in 1998 to draw attention to our beautiful parks.

How can you celebrate this great idea?

  1. Go for a walk in the woods.

    Take Your Buck Knives for Safety in the Woods.
    Take Your Buck Knives for Safety in the Woods.
  2. Go for a boat ride.
  3. Run or walk, or bike on your nearby trail.
  4. Take your baby along for the enjoyment.
  5. Take pictures of the beauty that you see, and share them on your social media page.

No matter where you go, take your Buck Knives. They can be valuable assets if you are roughing it in the woods.

Buck Knives Make Great Gifts for Vietnam Veterans

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. What can you do to show your appreciation to those veterans who never got an enthusiastic “welcome home”?

  • If you are in a certain position, organize a luncheon with a speaker on the

    Thanks to Vietnam Veterans from Buck Knives
    Thanks to Vietnam Veterans


  • Build a memorial and hold a dedication ceremony.
  • Invite veterans to help in your program.
  • Simply thank a Vietnam veteran.
  • Order some Buck Knives engraved with “Thanks for your service” on the blade, and pass them out to all the Vietnam veterans who attend your luncheon or ceremony.

Who Says Engraved Buck Knives Can’t Be Colorful?

Engraved Buck Knives in Color
Engraved Buck Knives in Color

Buck has broken the mold of conformity, with the introduction of the Slim Select 110s series of pocket knives. Now buying engraved Buck Knives with your company logo can be a colorful experience. Many corporate logos have color in them. Now it is possible to reflect or compliment that color in the knife handle. These are made in the USA of domestic and foreign parts. They are available in Green, Tan, Grey, Orange, Red, and Black, and are a full 4 4/5″ long, closed. The blade is 3 3/4″.