These Buck Knives Will Make You Vastly More Popular

Buck Knives Are The Best
Buck Knives Are The Best

By no means are we trying to endorse being superficial and to judge people by what they have vs. what they don’t have . . . but honestly, if you don’t have any Buck Knives to show off, are you even really living? 
This is where Logo Knives comes in and saves the day for you- here are some super great options to give you confidence. No need to use an unreliable, dull knife ever again!

Buck Knives Are Never Re-Gifted
Buck Bantam BBW Camo
Buck Spitfire
Buck Spitfire
Buck Folding Hunter Lockback Knife 110
Buck Knives Folding Hunter Lockback Knife 110

Buck Knives

Buck Knives Will Get You Summer-Ready

Buck Knives for Adventures
Buck Knives for Adventures

Grab your sunscreen, swimsuit, and beach towel: it’s summer! Do you have any fun vacations planned, or will you lounge on your deck with a cold drink? Or perhaps you lean more towards adventure than lounging, and have an outdoorsy trip to look forward to. If you’re more into the latter type of trips, then you better not forget to pack your Buck Knives into your checked bag. But beware: these amazingly reliable pocketknives are only for the most adventurous spirits. 

Buck Bantam BLW Orange Camo Lockback
Buck Bantam BLW Orange Camo Lockback

The Only Engraved Buck Knives You’ll Need for April

Engraved Buck Knives for April
Engraved Buck Knives for April

With only one week left in April, you better start thinking about what your next corporate gift should be. Let me help you out and suggest some of the best pocketknives out there: Engraved Buck Knives. Here are my Top 3 picks for April:
1. A True Classic: 

Buck Lockback Knife 055
Buck Lockback Knife 055






2. Can’t lose it because of its color: 

Buck Bantam BLW Orange Camo Lockback
Buck Bantam BLW Orange Camo Lockback





3. Stainless Steel Gem: 

Buck Nobleman Linerlock Knife
Buck Nobleman Linerlock Knife

The Persistent Pertinence of Personalized Pocket Knives

Personalized Pocket Knives are persistently pertinent to the advertising efforts of businesses. That’s why business owners order them repeatedly. Why are they pertinent?

Barlow Framelock Folding Knife 21174 personalized pocket knives
Barlow Framelock Folding Knife 21174

  1. Giving a pocket knife or any personalized gift, solidifies the customer-business owner relationship.
  2. The recipient will always remember who gave them the knife.
  3. The pocket knives will last the lifetime of the customer.
  4. They show your logo, and your laser engraved logo will not wear off.
  5. Personalized pocket knives reflect the permanence of your strong company.
  6. Your visible advertising medium will lead to “word of mouth” advertising.

You can’t go wrong when you give personalized pocket knives with your logo.


Buck Knives Make Great Gifts for Vietnam Veterans

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. What can you do to show your appreciation to those veterans who never got an enthusiastic “welcome home”?

  • If you are in a certain position, organize a luncheon with a speaker on the

    Thanks to Vietnam Veterans from Buck Knives
    Thanks to Vietnam Veterans


  • Build a memorial and hold a dedication ceremony.
  • Invite veterans to help in your program.
  • Simply thank a Vietnam veteran.
  • Order some Buck Knives engraved with “Thanks for your service” on the blade, and pass them out to all the Vietnam veterans who attend your luncheon or ceremony.

Who Says Engraved Buck Knives Can’t Be Colorful?

Engraved Buck Knives in Color
Engraved Buck Knives in Color

Buck has broken the mold of conformity, with the introduction of the Slim Select 110s series of pocket knives. Now buying engraved Buck Knives with your company logo can be a colorful experience. Many corporate logos have color in them. Now it is possible to reflect or compliment that color in the knife handle. These are made in the USA of domestic and foreign parts. They are available in Green, Tan, Grey, Orange, Red, and Black, and are a full 4 4/5″ long, closed. The blade is 3 3/4″.

The Best Pocket Knives of March 2020 Award Goes to Engraved Buck Knives

Award-Winning Engraved Buck Knives
Award-Winning Engraved Buck Knives

This month, the award goes to these engraved Buck Knives. The Alumni knives 524 were picked because of

  1. their variety of colors. One of them will fit into the corporate colors of a company.
  2. their light weight. The aluminum scales are responsible for this.
  3. the secure “lockback” locking mechanism. This is a favorite of mine because it is easy to unlock, by squeezing the back of the handle.
  4. their being made in the USA.
  5. their small size, so you can easily hide them in your pocket.
  6. the ability to laser engrave your corporate logo on either the handle or the blade (or both).

524Default BUCK® ALUMNI KNIFE 524

Are Engraved Buck Knives Warranted For Life?

Best Knife Warranty:

Buck Knives, Inc. USA has one of the best warranties in the business. They call it

Broken Buck Knife--Engraved Buck Knives
Broken Buck Knife

the Buck Forever Warranty. It is basically a lifetime warranty against defects in

material and workmanship. They will repair or replace the knife, at their option. However, if your logo engraved Buck knives are at issue, then ask Buck to repair, instead of replace. Then your logo won’t be thrown away. The same goes for any other covered Buck knife that has sentimental value. At your request, they will repair it the best they can, so that you aren’t faced with a new knife instead.

Here are the exceptions to the warranty:

Damage due to your misuse of the knife. Never use a knife as a pry bar, screw driver, or chisel or hammer.

Bonus for those who mistreated their knife:

If you happened to misuse your Buck knife, not all is lost. The factory can probably repair it for you for just a few dollars. They can even sharpen, polish, and adjust it for you for just a few dollars, too. If it is beyond repair, they offer to give you a deep discount on a new Buck pocket or hunting knife.