The Best Pocket Knife For June 2017

Maxam Digital Camo Knife
Maxam Digital Camo Knife

Our report for the best pocket knife for June 2017 may surprise you. It is highly popular for its value. The perceived value is $7 to $10, but the sale price is only $1.99 each. Free setup, also! If you have a promotional campaign in mind, and have hundreds or thousands of people on your gift list, this knife is your best choice. The Maxam Digital Camo Knife wins the prize this month over all other knives. It has been hard to keep enough inventory on the shelves for this sought-after economy pocket knife.

Camouflage has remained very popular the last few years. There is a subculture of camo enthusiasts that like to own many different items with the camo look. Camo hats, jackets, pants, cell phone cases, back packs, mugs, beer can insulators, and pencils are super popular.

See The 3 Best Pocket Knives of June 2017

Someone Say Buck?
Someone Say Pocket Knives?

The 3 best pocket knives of June 2017 are the most popular sellers for us.

  1. The openness of the Gerber Mini Paraframe’s handle is the biggest attraction for knife lovers. It not only looks good. It makes the knife lighter, and a better EDC (every day carry) knife.

Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife 8485

2. Camo has been big, and still is this month. Dako knives are made in China, which makes them more affordable. The stainless steel blade is sandblasted for that attractive foggy look.

Dakota special forces pocket knife Dako “Special Forces” Pocket Knife 7144 

3. Kutmaster designs and makes some unique patterns in pocket knives. Rescue knives are popular with police, firemen, and emergency medical personnel. This knife is the answer to their need for a compact version of a rescue knife. The black blade goes with the black handle very well. Nice job, Kutmaster!

95-1832L Kutmaster Compact Rescue Knife 95-1832L