How Will These Engraved Tools Make Your Farm More Safe?

#EngravedTools for Farm Safety & Health Week
#EngravedTools for Farm Safety & Health Week

Ensuring that your farm meets high safety and health standards is a no-brainer, especially this 3rd week of September, as it is National Farm Safety & Health Week. 
Choosing the right engraved tools will help it be the easiest task on your list this week. 
-Many styles have a one-handed open feature
-They have multiple functions, so less fumbling around for a separate device
-They are made in the USA of high-quality materials, so they will last forever

Engraved Tools: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

When you order engraved tools with your company logo, you usually want an attractive tool. You want tools that take a difficult job and make it easy. Here are some examples of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ones.


The best example of this category is the world famous Leatherman Wingman. It is also my personal favorite. It contains about every tool that you could ever need in an emergency. Pliers, wire cutter, knife, bottle opener, blister package opener, can opener, file, scissors, etc.

lm37.jpg Leatherman® Wingman LM37



My example for this group is the inspection mirror/pickup tool. Not that it is a bad tool, but it reminds me of the mirror that my dentist uses just before he starts up his drill.

Available in Red or Green Inspection Mirror/Pickup Tool 2292



This is a difficult category to fill. I suppose it would have to be this new crazy looking worklight. It has an integral flexible cable that you can twist into any shape you want. It’s kind of odd looking. Maybe even ugly.

1034 Mpowerd® Luci® Core Solar Powered Worklight 1034


How to Choose the Right Engraved Tools for Your Job

Which Leatherman Engraved Tool Do I Need?
Which Leatherman Engraved Tool Do I Need?

If you ever walked into a Harbor Freight store, you were probably overwhelmed by all the tools there. Many of them have specific purposes. They make you wonder if you should add them to your toolbox, just in case you need them some day. If you succumb to those buying pressures, you will soon have to buy more tool boxes to contain all your specialty tools!

There must be a better way to be prepared for most repair jobs. Consider Leatherman engraved tools. One small hand-held tool takes up very little space, yet is capable of doing

Leatherman Surge Engraved Tool
Leatherman Surge Engraved Tool

dozens of jobs. The Leatherman Surge (LM23) has the most functions. But some of the other models may solve most of your repair needs. Some of the functions of the variety of Leatherman tools are:

  • knife blade
  • saw
  • flat head screw driver
  • Phillips screw driver
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • wire cutter
  • wire stripper
  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • electrical crimper
  • ruler
  • file
  • needle nose pliers
  • safety blister package opener

What to Look For When Shopping For Engraved Tools

Leatherman Engraved Tools
Leatherman Engraved Tool

Does anyone have too many tools? Probably not. There’s a special tool for every job. If not, you can make one out of an existing tool, like bending a wrench to fit in a tight place on your car engine. Some guys like to buy tools that they don’t need right now, but think they would be good ones to have around just in case. That’s what I do. The best tools to “have around just in case” are Leatherman engraved tools. They can do a dozen different things, and come in a small package. They can take the place of a dozen specialty tools, so your toolbox won’t be so heavy.

Engraved Tools That You Should Not Be Without

What basic tools should you keep in your house, your car, your garage, camper or boat? Here is a list to help you put together a tool kit. If you are a business

TS23 Engraved Tools
TS23 Engraved Tools

owner, you might like to give your employees a gift set of engraved tools.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Socket wrenches
  • Screw driver bits, flat and Phillips
  • Allen wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer

If space is limited, the best one-piece tool sets are Leatherman engraved tools.

Leatherman Free T4 engraved tools (Small in size, but with 12 tools!)
Leatherman Free T4 engraved tools (Small in size, but with 12 tools!)




Engraved Leatherman Tools Have Been Performing Since 1983

Prototype engraved Leatherman Tools
Early Leatherman Prototype2

Tim Leatherman has a story to tell about his famous company. Hi company is not very old, but it’s very famous world-wide. His story starts with necessity being the mother of invention. While on vacation, he had his scout knife, but he really needed a pair of pliers time after time. So in 1983 he invented a special pair of pliers that also had other tools built into the handle. It was called the PST, and debuted in Cabela’s that year. This tool had no competition at the time, so Tim patented  its design. Today, in 2021, engraved Leatherman tools can be found in many tool boxes, cars, trucks, boats, and workshops everywhere. Here’s an early prototype that is on display at the factory in Portland Oregon.

Start Your 2021 With These Ingenious Engraved Tools

Engraved Tools Will Amaze You
Engraved Tools Will Amaze You

We’re almost done with the first month of 2021- have you given your best customers and employees a Happy New Year gift? These ingenious engraved tools have so many tricks up their (imaginary) sleeves, you’ll be amazed:

Leatherman OHT LM45 (Open with One Hand!)
Leatherman OHT LM45 (Open with One Hand!)

Leatherman Free T4 (Small in size, but with 12 tools!)
Leatherman Free T4 (Small in size, but with 12 tools!)

Engraved Tools Fit For a Ninja

Engraved Tools for #NinjaDay
Engraved Tools for #NinjaDay

Ninjas are known for being stealthy, fast, sneaky, strong, nimble, and quiet. Traditionally their weapons of choice were tools you would normally find in the farms of Japan, in order to maintain their disquise.

But I bet in modern times (and especially today, on International Ninja Day) any of these engraved tools would be a ninja’s best sidekick, with their countless abilities and hidden talents:

Leatherman Tread
Leatherman Tread

Leatherman OHT LM45
Leatherman OHT LM45