These Are The Engraved Tools Everyone Should Have Tried By Now

Engraved Tools To Try
Engraved Tools To Try

I know that we all have a mile-long list of things we need to do . . . 
– The week’s grocery shopping
– Send a birthday present to your sibling
– Cut the grass
– Schedule annual physical
– Breathe 

One thing that you should have definitely checked off your list by now is trying out these amazing Engraved Tools. So many options, so little time . . . Which one is your favorite? 

Leatherman Free P4
Leatherman Free P4
Leatherman Free T4 engraved tools (Small in size, but with 12 tools!)
Leatherman Free T4

National Cocktail Day Calls For Engraved Tools

Engraved Tools for National Cocktail Day
Engraved Tools for National Cocktail Day

It’s finally Friday! Do you have happy hour plans with friends, or maybe you’re hosting a dinner party at your house? Today is National Cocktail Day, so instead of sticking to beer and wine, today calls for a little more creativity.  When you think of all the supplies you need to make a good cocktail you usually think of a cocktail shaker, ice, liquor, mixers, garnishes, etc. But did you ever think that you might also need engraved tools to help you mix that G&T? If your bottle of seltzer or tonic is not a twist-off cap, then you will definitely be happy to have your engraved tools nearby since they have a bottle opener! 

Leatherman Free K4X
Leatherman Free K4X

Surprise Your Valentine Today With Engraved Tools

Engraved Tools For Valentine's Day
Engraved Tools For Valentine’s Day

Well it’s finally here- today is Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you have a Valentine to share the day with doesn’t really matter. You can spend the day with friends and family and it has just as much meaning. What will you surprise them with today?
– Lunch or dinner at your favorite spot
– Flowers, card, & candy
Engraved tools (yes, this gift is a little less ordinary, but just as thoughtful!)

Leatherman LM50
Leatherman LM50

My 2 Favorite Engraved Leatherman Tools

A big one, and a little one (for every day carry) are my favorite engraved Leatherman tools.

  • The big one is the Wingman(TM) for these reasons. It is a full 4″ when closed, which makes it a tough multi-tool. It’s USA-made from stainless steel. The most Leatherman Wingmanused elements on it are the knife, spring-loaded pliers, wire cutter, screw drivers, spring loaded scissors, and the amazing blister pack opener. Several other features make this device a convenient toolbox in your pocket. It has everything that I need in a multi-tool. That’s why I keep one in every vehicle, my boat, workshop, and office.
  • The little one is the Squirt PS4 Leatherman® multi-tool. Scissors,

    PS4 Leatherman Squirt
    PS4 Leatherman Squirt

    nailfile, and the extremely sharp knife are the features I appreciate most. Of course, it has 2 screw drivers and a wire cutter. The small 2 1/4″ length make this gem easy to carry in your pocket. There is even a ring so you can put it on your keychain.



How To Make Friends For Life With Engraved Gerber Knives

When you give engraved Gerber knives with your company logo to clients, you have made friends for life. Here’s why.

  • The Gerber Titanium Nitride Paraframe offers 2 outstanding features. It is all beautifully black, including the blade. The “air-cooled” handle is interesting to look at, and makes the weight of the knife very minimal.
  • The Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool 1471 will make your logo last forever. It will be kept in a toolbox or drawer for any emergency that arises.
  • The Shard Key Chain Tool 1769 is small enough to keep on a keychain, and tough enough to open bottles, strip wires, tighten screws, and pry things apart.
  • The Gerber Airfoil 3048 commands attention with its bright orange color and firm, smooth design lines.

Give any of these Gerber knives and you will make a friend for life. And your logo will be associated with quality and dependability.

Gerber Titanium Nitride Paraframe 8446 Gerber Titanium Nitride Paraframe 8446

01471 Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool 1471

01769 Gerber® Shard Key Chain Tool 1769

3048 Gerber Airfoil 3048