Put Your Fruit Knife to Work This Creative Time of Year

This time of year, we are blessed with an abundance of fruit. It’s time to be creative with your fruit knife.

Watermelons are mouth watering!

Fruit Knife Creations
Fruit Knife Creations



Pumpkins are perfect to cut up and decorate. Get you neighborhood ready for Halloween by making some original faces on your front porch.

Fun With A Fruit Knife
Fun With A Fruit Knife




Fruit Knife Trick #1: Apples with Heart Cutout
Fruit Knife Trick: Apples with Heart Cutout

are awesome and easy to carve. The red skin shows up well against the white background. Your patience is the main limiting factor in your creativity.


Since it folds, and fits in your pocket, use your folding fruit knife to show off your artistic abilities at home and at parties.



Use Your Folding Fruit Knife At Home and At Parties
Use Your Folding Fruit Knife At Home and At Parties





Celebrate “Get to Know Your Customers Day” with a Fruit Knife

Celebrate "Get to Know Your Customers Day" with a Fruit Knife
Carved Owls

Tomorrow is “Get to Know Your Customers Day”. How do you interact with your customers from week to week? It depends on what kind of business you have. You may consider these actions tomorrow:

  1. Phone or email your best customers, and ask them how they are using the products they bought from you
  2. Thank your customers using your facebook page, or other social media.
  3. Attend your local chamber of commerce meeting and take the opportunity to make some new contacts, and re-kindle some old ones.
  4. Ask your clients for ideas on how you can improve customer service.
  5. Give your best customers a fruit knife with your company logo. The fruit knife will last a long time, and so will your company logo. Think of how many people will see your knives…Friends, relatives, house guests.

Observe National Fruit Month with Your Fruit Knife

June is national fruit and vegetable month. What a great time to show your talents with a fruit knife. You can make edible decorations like these with a simple folding knife

Apple With Carved Hearts Made with a Fruit Knife
Apple With Carved Hearts

that you probably already own. Maybe these ideas will lead to more ideas of your own. If you happen to make a mistake, you can easily make it disappear. Save only the best masterpieces for display at the barbecue table this spring. With a little bit of practice, you will be amazed at what you can do with a bowl of fruit and a fruit knife.

Apple Carved with a Fruit Knife
Carved Apple

Fruit Knife Art
Fruit Knife Art


Owls Carved with a Fruit Knife
Carved Owls

Apple Butterfly Made with a Fruit Knife
Carved Apple Butterfly




5 Easter Food Ideas if You Have a Fruit Knife

If you have a folding fruit knife, you can decorate your Easter table with some edible decorations. Your Easter celebration will create more memories if you can take the time to use your cutting skills to decorate some tasty dishes for your family and friends. Here are some colorful ideas for you to consider.

Fun With A Fruit Knife
Fun With A Fruit Knife

Easter Table Delicacies Made With a Fruit Knife
Easter Table Delicacies Made With a Fruit Knife

Use Your Fruit Knife To Decorate Your Easter Table
Use Your Fruit Knife To Decorate Your Easter Table

Easter Fruit Knife Creations
Easter Fruit Knife Creations




Is Your Fruit Knife Ready For “Get to Know Your Customers” Day?

If you have fruit knives with your logo, you can use them this week.

Thursday, January 20 is National “Get to Know Your Customers” Day.   It happens

Fruit Knife Creations
Fruit Knife Creations

the 3rd Thursday of every quarter in America.

How can you celebrate this important day?

  1. As a business owner, you can use your promotional fruit knives to advertise your business.
  2. Advertise, or just communicate on social media to connect with your local customers. Don’t wait for the big box stores to do that.
  3. Ask your customers if they would like to see you get different items or services.
  4. Ask them if they like what they bought last time they were in your store.
  5. Use the chamber of commerce to hold learning sessions about your products. It costs you nothing but the membership cost.
  6. Give your customers a fruit knife that displays your company logo.
  7. Use a fruit knife to create a food display at your open house this week.

    Fruit Knife with a logo electro etched on the handle
    Fruit Knife with a logo electro etched on the handle

Tuesday October 5 is “National Fruit At Work Day”. Take Your Fruit Knife.

Carved Orange Using a Fruit Knife
Carved Orange Using a Fruit Knife

The first Tuesday in October is “National Fruit At Work” Day”. What a perfect day to take your fruit knife to work with you! It folds, and fits into your pocket for safe keeping.

What are the benefits of eating fresh fruit?

  1. Get energy. Fruits give you a natural energy boost.
  2. Get fiber. Fruits are rich in fiber.
  3. Get natural. Eat naturally, not out of the can; not processed, no additives. This is the healthy way to eat.
  4. Get better memory. Fruits are high in antioxidants, mono-unsaturated fats, folate, and vitamin k.

5-3/4" ivory plastic handle fruit knife 95-112whs
5-3/4″ ivory plastic handle fruit/vegetable knife 95-112whs


The Sharp History of the Fruit Knife (Melon Tester), Vegetable Knife

The original folding fruit knife was made of silver and mother-of-pearl in the late

Watermelon Testing Plug Obtained With a Fruit Knife
Watermelon Testing Plug Obtained With a Fruit Knife, But It Looks Like They Are Doing a Little More Than Just Testing!

1700’s in England. Why those materials? Silver is relatively soft, but it is resistant to the citric acid that would eat away at steel. Also, silver has anti-microbial qualities, which would tend to keep the knife free from harmful growths of bacteria. Mother-of-pearl is also impervious to citric acid, and it adds to the beauty of the knife. The less expensive fruit knives had celluloid handles, which would also be resistant to the acid content of fruits.

Today, most fruit knives are made of stainless steel. Sometimes plastic handles are used, to make the knife handle last longer.

In America, the fruit knife became popular in the 1930’s. Many companies would have their logo imprinted on the plastic handles in their corporate colors. They would give these as advertising products to their customers. Many are found in the possession of knife collectors today.



These specialty knives are made with very long skinny spear blades. Some blades are serrated. They are used by fruit and meat inspectors to get a sample from deep inside the product. The inspectors can then examine the smell, texture, and color of the product.

Credits: Some of this information is from the book Advertising Cutlery, Richard D. White, 1999.