3 “Tricks” for Personalized Pocket Knives

3 "Tricks" for Personalized Pocket Knives
3 “Tricks” for Personalized Pocket Knives

Here are 3 Halloween “Tricks” that you can use when you order Personalized Pocket Knives for your employees.

  1. Take advantage of multiple imprint locations. Put your company logo on the handle, and a saying on the blade, like “Merry Christmas 2019”.
  2. Packaging is important, because it is the first impression. Case knives have optional wooden boxes and metal cans, for that perfect presentation. See the genuine Case packaging.
  3. “Personalization”. Many pocket knives can be engraved with the recipient’s first and last name. This adds more meaning to your special gift. Plus, if someone loses their gift knife, it will probably be returned to them.

The Best Uses for Personalized Pocket Knives

Personalized Pocket Knives
Personalized Pocket Knives

In the promotional knife business, “personalized” means that each item has the name of the recipient. When you give each of your groomsmen in your wedding personalized pocket knives, you want them “personalized” with each name.

Other ways you can use personalized pocket knives are:

  • Safety awards in your shop.
  • Service awards for every 5 years of employment.
  • Special gift knives for your best customers.
  • Christmas gift knives for your employees or relatives.
  • Tokens of gratitude for your volunteers on your committee.
  • Political gifts for those who helped to win an election.
  • Gifts to members of a golf team that had a good season.