Would You Put Personalized Pocket Knives In Your Halloween Goodie Bags?

Personalized Pocket Knives for Halloween
Personalized Pocket Knives for Halloween

👻 Happy Halloween! 👻

Are you ready for tricks and treats and perhaps a costume party tonight? If you’re lucky, maybe you will also get a fun goodie bag at the end of the night. What do you think are the most popular items to add to an adult Halloween treat bag?
🦇 Candy (duh!)
🦇 Mini bar liquor bottles
🦇 Gift cards
🦇 Personalized Pocket Knives

Small Rosewood Pocketknife
Small Rosewood Pocketknife

Choose Your Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow: Personalized Pocket Knives vs. Gold

Personalized Pocket Knives for St. Patrick's Day
Personalized Pocket Knives for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday with 2 different fan clubs: children who love the magic involved in trapping a leprechaun, and adults who try to visit all the Irish pubs they can. 
Have you given any thought to the lore of there being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Which would you rather find: a pot of gold or Personalized Pocket Knives?

Cascade Pocket Knife 3710
Cascade Pocket Knife 3710
Barlow Rosewood Pocket Knife- Gold
Barlow Rosewood Pocket Knife- Gold

Today’s Best Personalized Pocket Knives That Are In Stock

Today's Best Personalized Pocket Knives That Are In Stock
No Secret: Personalized Pocket Knives That Are In Stock

It’s no secret. Inventory has been the main issue for the last 12 months. So, here are are some personalized pocket knives that are currently in deep inventory:


Dakota top gun knife Dako “Top Gun” Knife 7663

lm37.jpg Leatherman® Wingman LM37



9501-bk.jpg Black Flash Pocket Knife 9501-BK

7514Hawkeye Knife Dako “Hawkeye” Pocket Knife 7514




Celebrate Grandparents Day With Pocket Knives Engraved for Grandpa

Pocket knives Engraved for Grandpa
Your Grandpa Would Love Pocket knives Engraved From You

Sunday is Grandparents Day, and Grandpa would love to get a small gift from you. What do you give someone who already has everything? Choose from a collection of pocket knives engraved with his name. A man can never have too many pocket knives. Here are a few of the most popular knives for the older generation.


110733blacktrapper Traditional Series Trapper Jigged Black Bone 110733


01bo206 Böker Plus Double Lock Trapper 01BO206


110727 Traditional Series Medium Stockman Brown Bone 110727


110726T Traditional Series Stockman Tortoise 110726T


Which Customers Appreciate Logo Knives?

Which Customers Appreciate Logo Knives?
Which Customers Appreciate Logo Knives?

If you are a business owner, and like to give logo knives to your customers, do the knives help your business? Which customers should you target for your generous gift of a pocket knife with your company logo?

  • Hunters. They like the larger sheath knives or the larger folding hunting knives, like the Buck 110.
  • Preppers. They like survival knives. The multi-purpose knives that can break a window, cut a seatbelt, and start a campfire.
  • Farmers. They like the old fashioned Case Trappers (2 blades) or Stockman knives (3 blades). Case has a long love affair with the American public.
  • Campers. They too, like the multipurpose knives. Ones that can open bottles and food cans, light a fire, and saw some small branches.
  • Hikers. They have similar needs that the campers have. They need to be prepared for anything that they face on the trail.
  • Everyone Else. Everyone needs a sharp knife to open cardboard boxes. A small pocket knife that is close at hand, is always appreciated. You can’t go wrong when giving logo knives.