TSA Legal Engraved Leatherman Tools


Most Engraved Leatherman Tools are not permitted past the TSA people at an airport. But, here are a few that ARE allowed.


Leatherman Tread Packaging Leatherman Tread, Silver

Leatherman Tread Packaging Leatherman Tread, Black

Also permitted, are these:

  1. Tread(TM) LT
  2. Piranha 2
  3. Jam
  4. Brewzer
  5. Style® PS
  6. Cam
  7. Rail
  8. Hail + Style® PS
  9. Juice® CS3
  10. Pump
  11. Shooter
  12. Thruster

You can view all these at the Leatherman website. TSA allows them because they either have no blades, or very small knife blades.


Why Are Engraved Leatherman Tools So Successful in Promoting Your Business?

lm37.jpg Leatherman® Wingman LM37

Tim Leatherman has created a popular brand with world-wide popularity in just 35 years. How did he do that?

  • High quality material. Every tool is made of the highest grade of stainless steel.
  • Every tool comes with a 25 year Leatherman limited warranty.
  • Every blade comes pre-sharpened, and stays sharp longer than other knife blades.
  • All tools are Made in America. This is very important to most people, even though it prevents lowering the price.
  • Expertly-designed by the best tool engineers.
  • Made and assembled to the strictest tolerances.

So it boils down to this. When you give the best tool to your customers, you have created a successful advertising campaign that will last a lifetime. Give engraved Leatherman Tools and they will promote your business for you.

Leatherman Tread Packaging Leatherman Tread, Silver