9 Barlow Knives That You Didn’t Know Existed

When you hear the words “barlow knives”,

Schrade Jackmaster Barlow

most people think about the old fashioned knives that were invented in England in 1670. More of their background is shown here on “History of Barlow Knives“. These knives were built rugged, with an over-sized brass bolster, so the blade was firmly secured in its cradle. They were, and still are, 3 3/8” long closed. Their familiar slight tear-drop shaped makes it comfortable in the palm of your hand when using it. They come in all prices, and are made by many knife manufacturers around the world.

But here are 9 Barlow knives that you may not have heard of. They aren’t fashioned after the famous barlows. They used to be made by the Barlow company in Los Angeles, California until the turn of this century. Barlow was bought out by another company, which kept the trade name. This company, Norwood, was bought out by Bic Graphic about 10 years ago. These Barlow knives, some of them renamed, are sought after by people who remember the original LA company, and like their quality and economy. So here are the 9 popular Barlow knives that you may not have known existed until today…..

20207_Z.jpg Consort Knife


20256_Z.jpg Adventure Knife

65080_Z.jpg Small Rosewood Pocket Knife-Silver

65010_Z.jpg Small Rosewood Pocketknife-Gold

65028_Z.jpg 6-Function Pocket Knife

21044_Z.jpg Lynx Pocket Knife 21044


21086_Z Cushion Grip Knife 21086

21174_Z Framelock Folding Knife 21174

21050_Z Pocket Knife/Carabiner 21050

The 10 Most Engravable Knives in 2016

Dave Navoyosky & Vince Deissroth
Dave Navoyosky & Vince Deissroth

Businesses, big and small, had their logos laser engraved on pocket knives in 2016. This was a great way to spread good will and to advertise their company to all the customers and prospects. What were the 10 most engravable knives this year? Here is our list, according to popularity and attractiveness.

MK1 Metal Buck Knives laser engraved on the steel handle with your company logo Starline Metal Buck Knife MK1

mk92open-camo-orange Starline Blaze Camo Knife MK92

284CM.jpg Buck® Nano Bantam Camo 284cmo

Buck® Bantam BBW Orange Camo Lockback 284CM9 Buck® Bantam BBW Orange Camo Lockback 284CM9

Case Smooth Natural Bone Mini Trapper 91440 Case Smooth Natural Bone Mini Trapper 91440

Dakota special forces pocket knife Dako “Special Forces” Pocket Knife 7144

7902 Stonewash Pocket Knife 7902

95-113e.jpg 5 3/4″ Stainless Fruit/ Vegetable Knife 95-113e

95-110WHS Fruit/ Vegetable Knife with Ivory Plastic Handle 95-110whs

95-1832L Kutmaster Compact Rescue Knife 95-1832L