Secret–The Best Pocket Knife in the USA

This will surprise many people, especially the Buck Knife diehards. Everyone knows that the Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife is the gold standard of pocket knives. But is it the best pocket knife? There is another USA-made pocket knife just like it, for about half the price. The Kutmaster 5″ Lockback. It is made in the USA by union craftsmen. Click on the picture for more details.

Kutmaster 5" Lockback with Brass Bolsters & Stainless Blade 15-17101L
Kutmaster 5″ Lockback with Brass Bolsters & Stainless Blade 15-17101L




Why is the price so much lower than a Buck knife? I asked Kutmaster, and here’s what they said. “Our brand is not a well-known as Buck, so we have to charge less.” Want to save more money? You can buy it without a sheath, saving close to $10 on your purchase. This combination of quality, USA-made, and price, make it the best pocket knife in the USA. I recommend trying this knife. You’ll like it.

The USA’s 3 Best Pocket Knives

Without a doubt, the best-selling USA-made pocket knives are the Buck Folding Hunter 110, the Case Executive Lockback 7200, and the Kershaw Scallion Knife, Camo 1620. These are the best pocket knives to have laser engraved with your logo and give to your best clients. Your customers will absolutely love these 3 knives because they are American made, and because they are made by companies with a strong US tradition of quality.


110b.jpg Buck Folding Hunter Lockback Knife 110

The Buck 110 was first made 50 years ago, and is still a top seller. It is the perfect size, shape, and material. It’s as American as apple pie.

zippo clone Case Executive Lockback 7200

Case has been making knives since 1889 deep in the hills of Bradford PA. Each knife is still made by hand by master craftsmen.

1620-engraved-camo-scallion-smooth Kershaw “Scallion” Knife, Camo 1620

Kershaw, a proud US knife company was founded in 1974. They are a real newcomer, but have established a remarkable reputation with their USA-made knives. They also have some of the models made overseas to their exacting specifications.