Engraved Tools: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

When you order engraved tools with your company logo, you usually want an attractive tool. You want tools that take a difficult job and make it easy. Here are some examples of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ones.


The best example of this category is the world famous Leatherman Wingman. It is also my personal favorite. It contains about every tool that you could ever need in an emergency. Pliers, wire cutter, knife, bottle opener, blister package opener, can opener, file, scissors, etc.

lm37.jpg Leatherman® Wingman LM37



My example for this group is the inspection mirror/pickup tool. Not that it is a bad tool, but it reminds me of the mirror that my dentist uses just before he starts up his drill.

Available in Red or Green Inspection Mirror/Pickup Tool 2292



This is a difficult category to fill. I suppose it would have to be this new crazy looking worklight. It has an integral flexible cable that you can twist into any shape you want. It’s kind of odd looking. Maybe even ugly.

1034 Mpowerd® Luci® Core Solar Powered Worklight 1034