All Bakers Knead This Bread Slicer


National Homemade Bread Day
National Homemade Bread Day

Baking bread from scratch sounds like a daunting task for most. Even today, on National Homemade Bread Day, the most seasoned bakers will probably admit they’d prefer not to delve into the fickle and complicated world of bread-making.

Too many questions can arise:
Am I using the right flour?
Can I knead with a mixer, or should I do it by hand?
Proof it once or twice?
Did I bake it long enough?
Or perhaps: What on earth is this person even talking about??

Who are we kidding, just save yourself a whole day in the kitchen and take the easy route- go to that aromatic bakery down the street and pick up a warm, fresh loaf that the professionals made. Sourdough, ciabatta, or brioche? Yum. Yum. Yum.
Don’t forget to slice it up for everyone with your American-made bread slicer.

Bread Slicer
Bread Slicer

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