Enjoy Your Company’s Next Breakfast Meeting with This Bread Knife

Grab a Bread Knife for National Bagel & Lox Day
Grab a Bread Knife for National Bagel & Lox Day


Are you in charge of planning your next company breakfast meeting?  Is everyone tired of the same boring ol’ bagel & cream cheese spread? Take it up a notch by turning it into a bagel & lox platter. After all, today is National Bagel & Lox Day!

Here’s all you will need:

  • Assortment of fresh bagels
  • Variety of cream cheese flavors
  • Lox- thinly sliced cold salmon cured in salt (not to be confused with smoked salmon)
  • Yummy toppings: capers, cucumbers, dill, tomatoes, & red onions
  • An American-made bread knife with your company logo to slice up your fresh bagels

By adding high-protein lox to your simple bagel & cream cheese, you will be able to breeze through the rest of your morning without any hunger pangs!

American-made Cutlery Bread Knife
American-made Cutlery Bread Knife


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