This American-Made Cutlery Knife Will Become Your Best Friend During These Long Quarantine Days

Grab Your Bread Knife for Sourdough Bread Day
Grab Your Bread Knife for Sourdough Bread Day

Have you, like many others, tried your hand at baking during these WFH days? Maybe you’ve played it safe and just grabbed a boxed cake or muffin mix from the pantry. But are you thinking perhaps to step it up a notch? Today’s the day- it’s Sourdough Bread Day!

Breadmaking can be a daunting task for many- but lately yeast has become hard to come by (along with toilet paper and bottled water!). The next best thing you can do if you can’t find yeast at the store is to make your own sourdough starter from scratch.

Wild yeast naturally lives in flour, so it is actually quite easy to get it to grow into a sourdough starter.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

DAY 1: Combine flour & room temperature water in a glass jar on the counter, cover with towel

DAY 2: Feed the starter with equal parts flour and water, mix

DAY 3: The starter will become bubbly and active. Feed again, mix

DAY 4: Feed with flour & water again, mix

DAY 5: Starter should be frothy and billowy & smell sour- it’s ready to use!

Now you have your own homemade yeast to make your own yummy loaf of sourdough! Once you’re ready for the official taste-test, make sure to grab your American-Made Cutlery bread knife to make it super easy to slice up the yumminess!

Serve it with a bowl of soup on a rainy day, or make towering sandwich, you can’t go wrong!

American-made Cutlery Bread Knife
American-made Cutlery Bread Knife

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