This American-Made Cutlery Cheese Knife Will Get You Out of Your Cooking Rut

Cheese Knife for National Cheese Day
Cheese Knife for National Cheese Day

After months of being forced to stay at home during this quarantine, I bet you’re pretty sick of cooking everyday, right?
A simple go-to meal that anyone with zero cooking ability can make: a cheese platter.
It’s as simple as:
-finding a few of your favorite cheeses at the store (soft, hard, stinky, creamy- whatever you like!)
-crackers, focaccia, baguette, etc
-nuts, olives, dried fruits
-cured meats
Plus anything else you want to add! Make it your own, and don’t forget to get out your American-Made Cutlery cheese knife to serve it!

American-Made Cutlery Cheese Knife
American-Made Cutlery Cheese Knife

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