American-Made Cutlery Has What It Takes To Properly Tackle A Deep Dish Pizza

American-made Cutlery saves #DeepDishPizzaDay
American-made Cutlery saves #DeepDishPizzaDay!

When you think of slicing up a pizza for your family for dinner, you usually reach for the pizza cutter right? Well today calls for an extra tool- it’s Deep Dish Pizza Day, so you will need a mini pizza server as well!

Bet you didn’t know this about #DeepDishPizza:

  • Invented in the mid-20th century in Chicago
  • Resembles a pie, with its high edges
  • Since it’s thicker, it takes twice as long to bake
  • Due to the longer bake time, the toppings are layered on opposite to a normal pizza- first cheese (so it won’t burn!), then meat and veggies, then sauce.
  • After you use your American-made Cutlery pizza cutter, you’ll need to grab your mini pizza server to serve your family their thick slices of yummy deep dish pizza.


American-made Cutlery Pizza Cutter
American-made Cutlery Pizza Cutter
American-made Cutlery Mini Server
American-made Cutlery Mini Server

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