This Steak Knife Set Will Save Your Sanity on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving- are you ready? Whether you’ll be cooking everything, just bringing a side, or starring as the main taste-tester, everyone expects a great meal on this special day. If you haven’t already, this weekend you’ll need to start planning your menu. Here are some easy steps to take to make it less stressful:

1. PLAN MENU– take into consideration any allergies, food sensitivities, or diets. Have sides that are fine served cold or at room temp so that your oven won’t be overcrowded.
2. SHOP- Get your non-perishables as early as possible, and then go back next week to get your perishables. Try your best to beat the supermarket crowd by going first thing in the morning!
3. MISE EN PLACE- “everything in its place” Chop up and organize all your ingredients as early as possible (even days before, if the recipe allows). Prepping as much as you can the days before will give you the chance to visit with your guests the day-of.

4. COOK- Some things must be made on Thanksgiving day (the turkey of course!) But unless you have a huge oven, not everything will fit if you have the turkey in there sizzling away. Cook as many sides as you can in the days to come- and then reheat on the big day once the turkey is done.

*Don’t be afraid to buy something pre-made– you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can always leave a few things to the experts at the bakery down the street.


6. EAT UP! Make it easy for everyone to cut through your delicious meal with this American-made steak knife set.


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